Bringing landlords together to create a unified voice.


One Unified Voice

Independent landlords don't have staff counsel or connections to public officials like large apartment communities. Together however, we can be heard on a larger stage by working with local policy makers.

Build Relationships

How powerful would it be if you had the right person to call at your local section 8 office?  Work together with police to prevent thieves from stealing your copper, or directly communicate with the mayor's office.

Solve Concerns

How much have you really learned from books and tapes? Landlords love to talk about what they do and wouldn't you rather learn from your peers who are doing it?


Tenant Watch System

Don’t you wish there was a resource, viewable only by member landlords, where we could review, recommend, or warn about a particular tenant?

Upcoming Events

Andy Ginther

City Council President

June 23rd  5:30pm

2700 Airport Dr.


A member of Council since 2007, Ginther has served as the chair of the Finance & Economic Development, Public Safety, and Public Utilities committees. His top priorities are job creation, economic development, and safe, strong neighborhoods.  


Judge Dan Hawkins

Franklin County Municipal Court

August 27th  5:30pm

2700 Airport Dr.

Dan was appointed by Governor John Kasich to fill a vacancy on the Environmental Court. Since taking the bench, Judge Hawkins has already developed a reputation as a tough, fair judge who runs his courtroom with the dignity it deserves. Judge Hawkins is also working with community leaders whose neighborhoods are infested with dangerous abandonded properties that are havens for gangs, drug abuse and prositiution.  


Magistrate Tony Paat

Franklin County Municipal Court

September 17th  5:30pm

2700 Airport Dr.


Appointed to the Franklin County Municipal Court in 1994, Tony currently serves as magistrate.  In this position, Magistrate Paat presides in place of a judge for arraignment proceedings where he accepts pleas and imposes sentences.  He also decides civil cases involving wide ranging issues from consumer law and contracts to landlord/tenant issues and tort claims.  

Recent Guests

Anne Petite

Ohio Division of RealEstate

May 2015

Thanks Ms. Petite!

Jason T Jackson

Columbus City Police

April 23, 2015

Thanks Mr. Jackson!

Zachary Klein

Columbus City Council

February 2015

Thanks Mr. Klein!

Clarence Mingo

County Auditor
May 27, 2014
Thanks Mr. Mingo!

Ron Lebsock

Section 8 
September 25, 2014
Thanks Mr. Lesbock!

Dana Rose

Columbus City Code
February 18, 2014
Thanks Mr. Rose!

Richard Pfeiffer

City Attorney
November 2014
Thanks Mr. Pfeiffer!

Tony Paat

Franklin County Magistrate
July 2014
Thanks Mr. Paat!

John Turner

City Land Bank
March 2014
Thanks Mr. Turner!

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